Petition Update


HUHA (Helping You Help Animals)

Jun 19, 2013 — We are saddened and very disturbed that a Levin Puppy farmer has been given the all clear by SPCA Inspector Dan Auger. Julie Poulton who runs a Levin based breeding establishment was highlighted by HUHA as supplying the Lower Hutt Pet Centre with underage, sick puppies that died due to hypoglycaemia and related illnesses. Others died from giardia and canine parvo virus because they were too young to be away from their mothers. A newspaper in Levin has reported that Dan Auger recently visited the establishment and reported that "The purpose breeding facility was cleaner and more organised than some SPCA centres I've visited." The puppy farm is run out of a 200 square meter barn which has 100 dogs registered to it and that does not include any puppy under the age of 12 weeks. It was suggested in the article that the puppies had come from another breeding facility in the Manawatu, but HUHA has documented evidence that they were in fact from Julie Poulton. This must be stopped.