We ask the New Zealand government to support democracy in Venezuela

We ask the New Zealand government to support democracy in Venezuela

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We ask the New Zealand government to support democracy in Venezuela and put an end to the abuse inflicted on its people.

New Zealand must do the right thing and support Juan Guaido, the interim president of Venezuela.

New Zealand needs to stand firm against the regime of Nicolas Maduro, a cruel dictator who imprisons, tortures and murders thousands of innocent Venezuelans.

It is a regime that is undermining democracy and destroying a nation.

The citizens of Venezuela are being violently repressed, and they are starving to death. There is no food in the supermarkets. There have been countless deaths due to the lack of the most basic medicines.

Venezuela has become a lawless country with a massive outbreak of violence, millions of deaths, a shocking food crisis and the highest inflation in the world. 

Any protests by civilians are met by the regime’s brutality.

Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented crisis on the South American continent.

For years, the cry for help from Venezuelans living in the country and the millions forced to live abroad has been largely ignored.

Juan Guaido, the president of the national assembly, lawfully assumed executive power, backed by the laws as written in Venezuela’s constitution.

It was his duty as the president of the National Assembly. The constitution dictates that when the presidential seat is empty, the leader of the National Assembly must hold the position until democratic and legitimate elections are re-established.

Maduro’s last elections were widely criticized and deemed fraudulent by both national and international observers. Juan Guaido, as interim president, is, in fact, a temporary president. As dictated by Venezuela’s constitution, his role is to stay in this position until democratic elections can be ensured.

For the first time in years, the international community spoke up and gave their much-needed support to Juan guaido and the people of Venezuela.

New Zealand was not a part of that international community. A foreign body that supports democracy and opposes the abuse of people.

New Zealand, a country admired for its democracy, accountability, and fairness, cannot stay uncommitted in the face of such brutality.

Venezuelans only want fair democratic elections.

New Zealand should take a position according to its moral values instead of remaining neutral.

Venezuela needs New Zealand to add its name to the growing list of democratic nations that recognize Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela. Venezuelans support Juan Guaido. How many more people have to die for Venezuelans to be heard?

Not supporting Juan Guaido, staying neutral, gives more power to a ruthless dictator.

The people of Venezuela need your support for their survival.

The world cannot afford another humanitarian crisis, the first of its kind on the American continent. We all need to stop it.

Please sign this petition to restore justice and democracy and put an end to this nightmare for the citizens of Venezuela.



Thank you,

Delia O’Shannessey