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To consider the improvements in vehicle safety features and the training that is undertaken to ride a motorcycle in New Zealand when setting ACC Levy fees.

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On the 1st July 2015 changes made by the ACC Corporation and sanctioned by the Minister for ACC, will take effect.

Minister for ACC 5th August 2014:

Vehicle levies will be based on safety ratings from next year, meaning those who drive safer cars will pay less, while employers will also receive a slight cut. Motorcycle and moped levies will remain the same.”

These changes show a clear and indisputable case of discrimination against Motorcyclists.

Discrimination is described in the Oxford Dictionary as the following:

“noun: The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people"


This announcement by the Minister for ACC makes it very clear that the safety of the vehicle is more important than the skill level of the operator of the vehicle. It is the New Zealand Motorcycling Community’s stance that this regime is fundamentally flawed. 

Example: a learner driver of a car can pass the license theory test and then with an appropriate passenger beside them, as prescribed by the current Graduated Driving Training Legislation, drive a 1000hp car! That learner would have no experience with that sort of vehicle yet, it is legal. 

Before a learner Motorcyclist can even sit the learner’s theory test they must pass a course that proves they have the basic handling skills required for a Motorcycle. This includes correct braking techniques, throttle control and emergency situations. That person must not only pass the course, they must also provide proof of this to the testing station when booking for the theory test. Furthermore, upon obtaining their permit to ride a motorcycle on the roads of New Zealand, they are then restricted to a LAMS approved motorcycle until they receive their full NZ motorcycle license. Yet despite this level of training, the Government has allowed the Minister for ACC to propagate what can only be described as blatant discrimination against the minority group that are Motorcyclists in New Zealand. This needs to change!

As a Motorcycling Community we have seen no proof offered, or even shown as considered, that takes into account the advances in motorcycle safety equipment from the manufacturers. Modern motorcycles often come with ABS, Traction Control, Multiple Power Modes for different weather and road conditions and improved suspension. On top of this, there is no consideration for the fact that the majority of riders wear far more safety gear than is required by law (the law states only a Snell or Dot approved helmet is required), and the extra training that a number of riders undertake after they get their license.

By saying that the vehicle (car) is safer because it has certain features, yet ignoring the driver education and training, does nothing but perpetuate the discrimination of the minority, which in this case is the motorcyclists of New Zealand.

Action is needed on these points:

- Levy reductions based on safety applied to all classes of vehicle including motorcycles

- Provide discounts for riders that attend approved safety training

- Provide discounts for proof of purchase of standards approved safety gear

- Consider discounts for no claims

- Scrap the MSAC $30 levy that has proved completely innefective over the last 5-years and a return to the riders to manage thier own safety

This discrimination against motorcyclists needs to stop now. All we are asking for as a Motorcycling Community is to be treated, Fairly, Equitably and with Respect.

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