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Require mandatory labelling of GMOs in NZ EVEN IF they contain no GM DNA

Food Safety Australia and NZ have introduced GMOs by stealth to NZ. They have done this by allowing GM foods "that contain no GM DNA" to escape the labelling requirement. Effectively, this means that producers can avoid labelling of GM Canola, Soya and Cottonseed oils imported into NZ - because they can claim that the oil production process strips out the DNA from the oil. However, MADGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering) in Australia has posted compelling evidence that there CAN BE GM DNA in oils originating from a GM source. Effectively, this means the burden of proving that any foodstuff contains GM ingredients falls on the consumer. I want it to be the other way round - ANY food that is produced from GM components MUST be labelled as GM. Most GM is done to allow use of toxic herbicides on crops - Monsanto's Glyphosate is a key one - so even if there's no GM DNA in your food, there's probably still Glyphosate residue in your food. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma anyone?

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