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The New Zealand Government: Protect all state assets within a constitutional framework.

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We the people of New Zealand, demand that any new constitution resulting from the constitutional conversation process, should protect all state assets from sale or disposal either in part or in their entirety, in perpetuity for the people of New Zealand.

Many New Zealanders are concerned over the sale of our state assets, assets that we in fact own, the people of Aotearoa. Government has no moral right nor mandate to sell those assets belonging to the people out from under us. The current so called 'constitution conversation' provides a platform for New Zealanders to demand protections for public assets under any new constitution and clearly demonstrates the people's opposition to asset sales. If enough people do this, it makes it very hard for government to ignore the people's demands, given they have invited the people to have their say. If government chooses to ignore the people under this circumstance, they do so at their peril and the process sends very clear warning to any future government. The New Zealand People's Mandate Party, should we be elected to govern, would wish to create new assets for our country and we have an extensive program of creative intiatives to achieve this, but we must seek remedy to make sure this nations assets are secured against the whims and excesses of corrupt government. We believe the best way to achieve absolute protection of assets, is to protect them within a constitutional framework. The assets up for grabs in the current government asset sales program are all but doomed, your government isn't listening. But can they ignore the people when government has asked for the people's opinion? National has stupidly placed themselves in a difficult position, if the people decide to really enter this conversation enthusiastically.

There is two ways you can help this effort. The first is by making a submission to the constitution conversation, demanding that public assets be protected under any new constitution, in perpetuity for all New Zealanders. You can make an on line submission through the constitution conversation website at

The second way you can help is by signing this petition, the results of which we will send through to John Key and the Constitutional Advisory Panel.

"It is the consideration of the New Zealand People's Mandate Party that the governments program of asset sales is unconstitutional, in that they attempt to sell public assets that the people of New Zealand own and where there is clear opposition from the people for those sales. We further contend that any new constitution that is created, should specifically protect under law all assets which are publicly owned, for the people in perpetuity."

Robbie Kaiviti
New Zealand People's Mandate Party.

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