New Zealand Kids Matter

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After 6 years of being strangled, punched, kicked, bullyed and tortured and a year of being stalked and threatened my Dad, Katikati college teacher, LEIGH HICKS was finally convicted of 12 charges of domestic violence and child abuse against my Mum, baby brothers & me. He was put in jail and justice was served. We thought it was finally over and we could move on. This was a lie.

Within four months my Dad was granted a retrial over small technicalities and his new trial was completely funded by you, the tax payer. Even though he isn't a Kiwi and both his new partner Jewels Waghorn and Welsh family are very very wealthy, he was given legal aid.

We were told nothing. We didn't  know why he was granted a retrial or where he'd been bailed too. We didn't know if he we were safe or if he would continue to harass and stalk  us like he did before the first trial and the police wouldn't protect us. It was a very scary time.

The courts granted me automatic name suppression without my consent because I was under the age of 18 years old. The law made it illegal for me to tell anybody what happened and if I did, I could be charged for breeching my own name suppression by my offender. I had to apply to the courts to have my unwanted name supression lifted when I was over the age restrictions.

Without telling us the crown lawyers made a deal. If he plead guilty to domestic violence charges all our child abuse charges would be dropped. And he did. It didn't matter how much we suffered. It didn't matter my baby brother has serious physiological issues because of the abuse he suffered.

It didn't matter that I still have nightmares about being strangled and seeing my baby brother almost die in front of me. The evidence didn't even matter. NZ kids don't matter...

The crown made a deal and didn't even tell us the victims until after the hearing, when it was too late. We found out after he plead guilty to 4 charges of abusing my Mum. Four charges out of 14.

Hey New Zealand judicial system, what about us kids? Where is our justice? Do we even matter?

I might be just a kid but it's doesn't seem right to me.


I petition for a law change. That those convicted of domestic violence and child abuse charges in New Zealand are put on a domestic violence and child abuse register ( similar to a sex offenders register) and this register is available to the public so we are all safe.

I petition name suppression laws are changed so that victims are protected instead of offenders. Offenders or their lawyers can no longer can apply for name suppression on behalf of victims and victims 16 years and older are no longer granted automatic name suppression without their consent. 

I petition that offenders with domestic violence and child abuse charges that are not born in New Zealand are refused entry to New Zealand for life and those who live here are deported back to their original countries after the trial and banned from NZ for life.

I petition for harsher punishments for child abusers and jail sentences for child abuses will not be reduced, discounted or minamized because of laws that do not serve to protect children , but the offender.

I petition that prosecutors will not be allowed to drop the most substantial charges for the weaker one when making deals regarding child abuse. And prosecutors begin communicating directly with the victims they represent so they are invested in their case rather that just another number.

We have one of the highest rates of domestic violence and child abuse in the world. But with your help,  we can stop this epidemic now.