Demand that the New York Times report accurately on the conflict in Artsakh

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Our Letter to the New York Times

Thank you to everyone who signed and shared this petition. Given the recent turn in events, we have decided to close this petition. However, we have sent the below message to New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and the New York Times Board of Directors.  If you would like to get in touch, you can email us at  ------- Dear Mr. Baquet and New York Times Board of Directors, As a longtime subscriber and admirer of your newspaper, I have been deeply concerned by your recent coverage of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, which has omitted critical details and historical context in the name of journalistic neutrality. These grave omissions legitimize violence against Armenians and shape the historical narrative: With headline after headline centering on devastation in Azerbaijan, you have failed to capture one of the war’s most salient features — its asymmetry. Not only does Azerbaijan outnumber and outspend Armenia by many orders of magnitude, the country was also aided by weaponry and fighters from five countries, including Turkey and Israel, while Armenia fought entirely alone, notably abandoned by its one regional ally, Russia.  You have not shed light on Azerbaijan and Turkey’s autocratic governments, their suppression of press and political freedoms, their incitement of jingoist trends and their expansionist ambitions. These omissions are especially alarming given Turkey’s history of genocide against the Armenian people, a historical fact that your paper states with a regrettable ambiguity and equivocation long abandoned by most journalistic outlets of equal reputation. You have not explained that Armenians have been indigenous to Nagorno-Karabakh since ancient times. They are not occupiers of Azerbaijan's "long-lost lands," but rather indigenous peoples living in their rightful homelands, subjected to an all too familiar scenario where their lands had been gifted away from them by an imperialist power (in this case, Stalin). Two weeks ago, I started a petition to demand that the New York Times provide more fair and accurate coverage of the crisis; it has received over 22,000 signatures, attesting to collective disappointment in your newspaper's approach to this issue. While active fighting ceased one week ago, the Armenian struggle has only magnified, as the country must now recover from the devastation of this war, while providing for over 100,000 refugees and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the most highly respected and trusted global newspaper, the New York Times has a direct impact on whether Armenia receives support and aid from the international community as it responds to these multiple crises. While you failed Armenians during the 44 days of fighting, you still have the opportunity to correct your mistakes — I hope you will do so. 

Organize for Artsakh
2 years ago