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The New York City Department of Education: Stop the phase out of the Edward K. Ellington School P.S. 140Q

66% of the Southeast, Jamaica, Queens students attend the Edward (Duke) K. Ellington School P.S. 140Q. After having 4 principals in one year Mr. David Norment, the new principal was asked to implement several changes to make sure the school is progressing. The school was sent a proposal to phase the school out before the students take the State Exam or have anytime to evaluate if Mr. Norment's strategies are working. On behalf of the children, staff, other parents, and community we do not want P.S. 140Q to be phased out.

A few positive changes that have already occurred since Mr. Norment became principal are:
• The increase in reading on grade level as well as the increase in the % of 3's and 4's on the state exam
• Upgraded Internet bandwith to increase internet speed and access- allocated over 35,000 dollars out of school budgets
• Provided supplementary professional development to improve teacher effectiveness
• Wisdom Wednesday Workshops for parents: Homework help, middle school prep, ARIS, Common Core Standard, etc….
• Provided staff more support by creating more time for teachers to plan lessons and be available to speak to parents throughout the day
• 12% increase in the number of 3's and 4's on state math exam



Letter to
Community District Superintendent Beverly Folkes-Bryant
President of the United States
New York State Senate
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New York State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
The New York City Council District 27 Councilmember Leroy Comrie
Department of Education Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott
FACE Division of Family and Community Engagement
New York Governor
Stop the phase out of the Edward K. Ellington School P.S. 140Q. By phasing out this school the students are left with an unstable learning environment once again. Our future leaders depend on stability in school just like they do in their homes. Please help these children continue on the road to success. They already have changed! P.S. 140Q is NOT a failing school. WE MEASURE UP!

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