The new TechFuture and the big contribution of it to society

The new TechFuture and the big contribution of it to society

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Why this petition matters

We utilize and rely on technology in our daily lives, and our technical requirements and demands continue to grow. Technology is used by humans to explore, connect, study, and do work. The manner in which we use technology decides whether its effects are beneficial or detrimental for society.

1. Positive Impacts of technology on society:

Technology has a more positive impact on humans or society as compared to negative. It makes our life easier and reward us by providing resources or tool that make our life much easier. Following are some positive changes that technology brings to our life:

  • Improved Communication: Communication is the most important part of society, we build or transfer our thoughts with each other with the help of communication. Earlier people used pigeons or birds to transfer their messages to their loved ones. After that technology slowly grows and the medium of transferring information is changed to mobile phones, email, etc. Nowadays we send messages to loved ones or known people via email, social media platforms, etc. It is the fastest, efficient, and effective medium. People can talk or share information with their loved ones easily even if they are very far away from them.
  • Improved Education and learning process: Technology enhances the education and learning process. Nowadays people can easily enhance their knowledge using the internet. Most of the data is present on the internet is free of cost and you can access this data anytime and anywhere.
  • Mechanized Agriculture: Technology changes the working mechanism of farmers. Lots of machines and technical instruments were introduced in the agricultural area which makes farming very easy, effective, automated, etc.
  • Easy to access information: We can easily access information via the internet anytime and anywhere. Most of the information is present on the internet are free of cost so you can use them to enhance your knowledge, skills, etc.

2. Negative Impacts of technology on society:

As we know that everything present on this planet has both advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for technology it also has negative impacts on society and some other negative impacts are:

  • Increase in unemployment: Nowadays large and small business uses machinery and technical equipment because of their low costing and high efficiency due to which the rate of unemployment is increasing continuously.
  • Increase in pollution: Not only humans but technology also affecting our environment. Due to vehicles and machinery, the rate of pollution is increasing continuously which causes global warming, etc.
    Increase in health and mental concerns: Nowadays technology effecting the physical as well as mental health of human beings. It makes people lazy, emotionally week, sleeping problems, reduce physical activity, also people are spending less time with their family and friends.
  • Increase cybercrimes: Due to the excessive use of the internet, the rate of cybercrimes are also increased. Some people(attackers) harm innocent people(victims) or children for money or fun.
8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!