Advocate for an overall restructuring of the Nevis Sixth Form College.

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The students of the Nevis Sixth Form College (NSFC), both past and present, have been advocating for a restructuring of the institution for quite an extended period of time. While a new building was constructed in 2007 which now houses the Sixth Form, it must be highlighted that the spaces allocated for the Sixth Form are extremely inadequate for a so-called institution of higher learning. The students of the Nevis Sixth Form College are currently housed in a five-classroom building where two of those classrooms are currently being occupied by Fifth Form classes of the Charlestown Secondary School(CSS). The Nevis Sixth Form College, although it is supposedly an institution of higher learning, does not have a library of its own as the library that is housed in the same building that the Sixth Form occupies is the CSS Library and has to be shared by the NSFC students with the almost one thousand other students of CSS. This is further compounded by the fact that the facilities at the library are vastly inadequate for an institution of higher learning. With regards to the other facilities provided by the building that houses the NSFC, it must be noted that they have to be shared with virtually the entire student body of the CSS. These facilities include the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology/Computer Science and Modern Languages Lab. Even further, the limited bathroom facilities of the NSFC have to be shared with students of the CSS, which as recently as the Easter Term of 2018 was vandalized. The Nevis Sixth Form College, after almost thirty years in existence, was finally allowed to be recognized as its own Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Centre as students previously sat exams at the NSFC through the CSS. The irony of this is that the administrative facilities of the NSFC do not support the work that is required as the office spaces are cramped and both the Administrative Assistant and the Director share the same tiny space, which in the normal scheme of things, is highly unacceptable. 

The course structure at the NSFC has not changed much since its inception. Since the introduction of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations(CAPE), very few subject areas have been added to list of course offerings. The main reason for this is that the physical facilities of the NSFC are not adequate for such an expansion of the programmes offered as well as the fact that the NSFC's teachers are teachers of CSS, which is an untenable situation to have. 

As we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century, it is high time that the Nevis Sixth Form College is transformed from being merely and extension of the Charlestown Secondary School and that it is transformed into a fully functional community college with different divisions that offer not only CAPE but also degree programmes in other areas of importance to national development. This practice of diversifying tertiary education has been done all across the region, even in St. Kitts as seen with the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. 

We therefore petition the Nevis Island Administration through its Ministry and Department of Education to immediately put plans in place to construct a new community college on the Island of Nevis with a new uniform, different course structures, new rules and regulations, greater independence for students, a new staff structure, and a better means of offering tertiary education to the people of Nevis. 

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