Death Penalty for Inhuman Rapists of 15 year old mentally impaired teen

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We believe the 5 male persons involved in the rape of the 15 year old teen was inhumane. They should be given death penalties for their inability to show compassion to the fact that the teen was mentally impaired to access her situation that she was in. They also exhibhit forms of cruelty in the fact that the victim was a minor who had mental disabilities which points to the fact that the victim might have been unable to defend herself. The victim also showed signs of her ordeals after she was found as it shows that the victim was undoubtedly traumatized by the events that occurred.

Rape is a very serious crime, committed against a person with no means to defend one oneself by a person or a group.
Because rape is a serious felony, the penalty for those who will commit that act should be death. Giving death penalty to a guilty person means that justice is served. It shows also that the justice system values the dignity of rape victims. Further, death penalty for rape would deter crimes related to such as people would think twice before committing that crime. Hence, in my opinion, rapists should be penalized by death. This should be even more adamantly done as the rape was carried on a minor who had mentally disability which meant that the victim was even more defenceless.