The Neglect of Minor League Baseball Players

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Major League baseball is the dream for so many ballplayers across the world that the struggle to get there almost always goes unnoticed. It's a sad fact that these professional athletes are treated so poorly, and it's a notion to the complications of the system that their struggles are deemed illegitimate because they are "playing a game."

The Save America's Pastime Act was passed on March 23, 2018. The provision, buried on page 1,967, rolled back the most basic workplace protections for Minor League players.

The Major League Baseball owners had spent more than $1 million lobbying Congress to exempt themselves from having to pay Minor League players minimum wage and overtime. 

The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) refuses to acknowledge any matters regarding Minor League baseball players. 

Minor Leaguers make between $3,000 & $10,000 for their seven month season. Given the number of hours they work per week (often 70+), their salary comes to roughly $3.00 an hour, less than the hot dog vendor and the batboy.

These employees deserve to be recognized for the hours they work and should be paid minimum wage for those hours. Paying every Minor Leaguer $7.25 an hour would increase each teams payroll by $3-4 million. 

The vast majority of Minor Leaguers don't have any representation and have to buy their own equipment, locate and pay their own housing, and many go to bed hungry when their team doesn't supply enough food.

Meanwhile, the top 20 Minor League franchises are worth a combined $750 million and MLB made a record $10 billion in 2017. 

We're fighting for them to be treated like humans rather than chattel. 

Visit and @mtb_org for more information.

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