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Enforce Existing Visa Time-Restriction Laws

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According to, at least one of the 9/11 plane hijackers came to this country legally and overstayed their visa.

In a 2013 PBS news special, it was reported that approximately 40% of all illegal immigrants came to the US legally and overstayed their visas.

Recently elected President Donald Trump's ban on all visa holders from a select 7 countries did nothing to help solve the problem that is going on within our borders. Before the US government is able to stop all illegal immigration to the US, by visa or border crossing, it must first examine where it went wrong with the current undocumented immigrant population.

Since Trump's election, the Department of Homeland Security has reported that approximately 1.17% of visa overstay violators have been recorded. The United States government must enforce its own preexisting time-restricting constraints for existing visa-overtstayers before it can accept more immigrant visa holders into this nation.

Please sign this petition to urge congress to shift their focus onto a great problem: enforcing already existing laws. If these laws about time constraints of visas were to be enforced with incarceration, deportation, or likewise punishment, we would then be able to advance in improving our visa entry system.

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