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Place a referendum on the ballot in March 2014

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The community of Nauvoo, and those living in the Nauvoo Colusa School district face an important decision. We will LOSE OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT if we do not pass a referendum to raise taxes. Understandably, most citizens do not want their taxes raised.

However, if we do not choose to raise our own taxes and save our district, we will be divided into other school districts in our county, all of which have HIGHER TAX RATES THAN WE DO NOW.

And once we have lost our school district, we have lost our school board, we have lost the Elementary and Jr. High Schools in our community, we have lost our sense of community, and we have lost the superior education that is offered in our district (we have much higher test scores, and many more elective classes offered to our students than any of the other districts in our county). And with all of this loss, OUR TAXES WILL STILL BE HIGHER.

Communities that lose their schools begin to die. Young families want to live close to elementary schools. We don't want to see this happen to our community. Many feel that it would be worth giving up our schools so that we can avoid raising taxes, BUT IF WE LOSE OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT, OUR TAXES WILL GO UP, and we will have lost control of how those taxes will be spent. Those taxes will be benefitting other communities, and our small children will be bused far away from us to attend schools in those districts.

This year, when the referendum failed, the School Board was forced to post bonds to save the district. Because the bonds have interest, we as tax payers are now paying even more to cover the bonds than we would have if we had passed the referendum ~ $70,000.00 more. (We should have known this before we voted, and that is one reason that our committee was formed, so that we can educate the community on these issues that the school board is not able to speak out on, by law). The school board has now maxed out on the bonds they can post, so that is no longer an option.

With these choices facing us, we feel it is imperative that the referendum to raise our taxes and save our school district is placed on the ballot in March 2014, so that our voters have one more chance to make a choice about these critical issues.

By signing this petition, you are not committing to vote yes for the referendum, you are simply agreeing that this issue should be brought before the voters again, and that more information about the issues should be shared with the community before the vote.

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