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SUPPORT NICK CLEGG, and neutralise the small-minded, anti-Clegg petition

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This petition has a vitally important objective for our community as British citizens. 

It is to demonstrate that here in Britain, whatever our political affiliations or our particular interest group (e.g. university students), we do deserve our reputation for fairness and fair-mindedness.  It is utterly unfair to publish the petitioned votes of a miniscule proportion of the UK population (45,000 so far) who think that Nick Clegg should be deprived of his knighthood, without demonstrating that at least that number - is it 50,000 or 5 million? - don't so believe.  If that knighthood-cancelling petition is published, without any say on the other side, it would seem that the self-selected jurors of a kangaroo court can represent British public opinion as mean and self-interested.  At least the Brexit referendum was kind of democratic, in that it allowed opposition to be expressed.  So, please support Nick Clegg on grounds of fairness, to show that not everyone thinks that all his achievements in keeping the Tories in check in a remarkably successful coalition Government were utterly blighted, either by having to give way on university tuition fees in that coalition, or since then by his trenchant opposition to Brexit as the voice of nearly half of the British electorate..     

Do we ask the PM to cancel the knighthood of such a brave and honest man, even if we disagree with him?  I do hope not, if you consider yourself fair-minded.  Please vote to support him.  And here I am also addressing the National Union of Students, whom I have invited and challenged to sponsor this petition.  Of course they were bitterly disappointed to see their champion on the fees issue thrown from his horse.  But are they so blind to his other virtues as to wish him humiliated by defrockment?

Please petition to support Nick Clegg, and don't allow the anti-Clegg brigade to win a mean PR victory when all they are really doing is to express their political opinions.


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