Stop South West Railway's Strike over Easter 2018

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The South West Railway announced they will strike again for 4 days over Easter 2018. This affects commuters who travel to London Waterloo. 

Sign this if you are fed up of train strike. If this succeeds we can use as a precedent for other unreasonable train strikes. 

Why are they striking?

New trains are being introduced in 2019, which can be operated without guards. The management team likes the idea as this will cut labour cost. Train workers are against this idea for 'the passengers' safety' (apparently not because they will be out of a job).

Why is this strike unreasonable?

If the guards have been helpful and instrumental in the passengers' safety and the smoothness of the journeys, I would be first in line to defend their rights. In the contrast, these guards, from what I have observed, (a) have been standing around on the platform, when passengers ask them for help, they just reply I can't leave my post so I can't help you; (b) delaying train journeys as for instance the 18.01 service from London Waterloo to Epsom on 20 March 2018 was delayed because a train guard was missing; and (c) almost everyday there is some kind of delay for the trains. 


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