STOP non-ADA high top tables in establishments.

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#DropTheHighTops is a campaign by PUSHLiving to end the use of high top tables in drinking/dining establishments due to the fact that it excludes people with disabilities.

The high top table trend has found its way into restaurants, bars, stadiums, concert venues, and outdoor festivals. There is no consideration for people with mobility disabilities who use wheelchairs or walkers. The Americans with Disabilities Act should be regulating this with businesses and state/local governments, but they have fallen short.

Have you or someone you know ever been excluded by high top tables? It’s time to put an end to this inaccessible table trend and #DropTheHighTops! Sign this petition so that all patrons have equal enjoyment of establishments without being excluded or segregated due to ability.

Standards Height Tables = Access for all and non-exclusion of those with disabilities.

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