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Quit giving out false information about "Obamacare".

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In the 11 states which have already set up health care exchanges, premiums have dropped by up to 60%. You consistently report the opposite using one or two plans offered that are significantly more, sometimes 2 to 3 times more than the typical policy in order to skew the data to make it support your untruthful view. This does not pass the "truth" test that is typically used to determine if a study can be considered scientifically factual. You and your representatives are very clear that what you are saying is an untruth, yet you use this information to lie to the American people.

Secondly, you have ads on television stating that people will no longer be able to choose their doctors. This is an untruth. People will have the opportunity to choose their own doctors as long as that doctor is on the preferred provider list. The PCIP program, which is the federal exchange program for health insurance for people with pre-existing illnesses that has been in effect for approximately the last two years uses the United Health Care preferred provider list which is the LARGEST list in the country. More than 80% of providers, both primary care doctors and specialists are on this list. In addition, more than 90% of hospitals are on this list. So again, the Republican Party is posting false information.

Another thing is that people who earn 400% of the poverty level which is approximately 45% of the poverty level, will receive tax credits to assist them in purchasing insurance. This information is never shared in your attempt to frighten the American people.

In addition, you fail to inform the American people that they will no longer have annual or life time caps put on their cost of care. You, instead imply, there will be "death panels" that will determine whether a person will receive care. That is an absolute falsehood. Currently people who are lucky enough to have health insurance are often put in the situation of having to choose between living with financial ruin or refusing treatment and dying due to the cost of care. People shouldn't have to make this decision, they should have access to care. The ACA LAW insures that people can obtain medical care and not be afraid of financial ruin.

In addition, ACA makes insurance companies use at least 80 to 85% of the consumer's premiums on actual health care costs of their members. Prior to passage of the ACA most major insurance companies were using 65% and less of premiums to pay for actual costs of healthcare. Instead these companies were paying top executives gigantic bonuses and salaries. Many consumers actually received a rebate in July 2013 because any insurance company who did not use at least 80% of the premiums paid in on actual health care costs had to return that money to the consumer.

Another thing your ad says is that doctors, clinics and hospitals will quit being providers if this is passed. Well, first of all, the payment for services rendered is equal to or greater than medicare negotiated rates in most cases. People will be able to choose the level of insurance they want, and can insure prior to buying a plan that their doctor is a provider. This puts more control in the hands of consumers. In addition, the Medicare cuts ect. that you use to frighten the American people will come primarily from fraud or extra billing. Don't deny it. I go to a specialist and I am billed twice for each visit. One is for the actual doctor's visit, and one is billed as a "miscellaneous procedure". That procedure which is billed at a cost of $250.00 is for filing my health insurance. That is inappropriate at the very least and should be considered fraud.

There are many other false implications and outright untruths being told to the American people by the Republican party and reported as facts. This needs to stop. Politicians and reporters need to put the needs of the American people first. Isn't that an interesting proposal.

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