Justice for Humans

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We are trying to solve the problem of people who are not found guilty of sexual harassment and the problem of people that are not aware of this situation and how wrong it is. If we succeed in this petition we can tell people how disgusting it is to get away with something like this, we can tell people how wrong this. The impacts are limitless. Everyone will feel safer. Perpetrators can be caught. Young people can walk down the street without being afraid. People can spend time with others without having to worry. We need to show people how disgusting we humans have become, how selfless we have become. We have become oblivious to situations like this they are treated as something normal, something we should be allowed to do everyday. That's not right. We are not asking for the whole world to change but just the bare minimum of people to know about this situation and to spread awareness of how wrong it is. We would like to people to understand this case below and try to help as much as they can. A young boy group called Ateen have been sexually harassed. 6 male trainers have filed a complaint against the female head of their agency who sexually harassed them. All 10 trainees had something to say about the company. It is disgusting to see fellow human beings treated like this. Like they are worthless, they mean nothing. Yes they might look different, act different, speak different but inside we are all humans, are we not? If this same thing had happened to you I'm sure you would never want a memory of this again. We can't erase their memories but help them the best we can. Being sexually harassed is not a joke and shouldn't be considered one as well, we must try and help these young males to forget about their past and look ahead. It's not just Ateen though, it's millions of people around the world who suffer from the same thing but we sit back and do nothing. We humans talk about how much we want to help, how much we try to do things but, the truth we don't try at all. Yes maybe some of us do but not all. Neglecting the situation isn't helping these young males get better is it? We are just asking for help. We want justice for these young people and if it might take time it will. Just remember, what would you feel like if the same thing happened to you? Yes we can sit here and say, "well it hasn't happened to me," but what if tomorrow you were sexually harassed or even today? How would you feel? You would never want to remember the traumatic experience would you? We are just trying to help these young boys overcome their fear and help and tell them everything will be alright. Please just try and help, spread awareness of this situation and please show people how wrong this situation is. How perpetrators should be punished and not left alone. https://twitter.com/soompi/status/1090439294093877249