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Ingredients sourced from animals to be CLEARLY stated on labels in the UK.

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Ingredients listed in foods that can be sourced from both animals and plants should be labelled clearly in brackets if it is from either, for example Vit D and Xantham gum are both ingredients that can be sourced from both plants and animals, for someone trying to avoid animals products or even someone with an allergen this can be so confusing and it’s not acceptable in this day and age where so many people are chosing to avoid animal products in food! I am fed up of not knowing and there for avoid buying certain products. It’s about time the food standards agency got with the times and labelled the ingredients as exactly where they sourced as not only is it decieving it’s absolutely disgusting. Please sign and share so we can get this petition sent off to the food standards UK and the department for food and rural affrairs.

also please feel free to email expressing your frustrations and concernes. I will be emailing the results of this petition when it reaches a good amount of signatures in hopes they’ll bring in a new regulation for clear labelling of additives as these regulations are due to be looked at again this year! 

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