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Petitioning "The National Enquirer"

"The National Enquirer" Stop Publishing Negative Pictures & Articles of Public Figures

We feel the Public Figures probably would not want their Fans seeing that. 

Letter to
"The National Enquirer"
Stop Publishing Autopsy pictures of Public Figures.

Everyone sign here if due to "The National Enquirer" publishing Autopsy Pictures of any Public Figure, meaning Celebrities or Government Officials, or due to them publishing Pictures and Articles of the Family Member's of Public Figure's problems and you are planning indefinitely not to read "The National Enquirer", then please sign this Petition. This Petition is just to show "The National Enquirer" just how many people object to any Public Figures Autopsy Pictures being published and do not want to see a Celebrity's Family Member's problems published, and they plan on not reading "The National Enquirer" indefinitely, meaning are not reading this Magazine until certain conditions are met, because they have done so, then Everyone(People of Any Ages, People living in Any Location, People both With and Without a Facebook Account and the Fans of Any Public Figure) please sign. This is not going to Court. This Petition along with Letter will be sent to "The National Enquirer." The purpose of doing is showing, "The National Enquirer" how many Potential Future Reader they lose and how much Revenue, meaning estimated future earnings, they will not get, because of what they are publishing. Please when writing your Comments please do not use any Last Names or Initials and do not "disguise" the name because, I think, that is disrespectful.

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