Better Internet Security For Black People!

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The United States Of America needs to be held accountable for lack of internet safety for black Americans. It is no secret that black activist and witnesses have gone missing or have been murdered by police who's main tracking device for innocent black people is the internet. 

This is a call to action to hold social media platforms accountable as well as the us government. Easy access to our locations and profiles has deadly consequences.

We have witnessed multiple Ferguson protestors go missing or mysteriously die. We have witnessed Joshua Brown dead only moments after speaking on a trial against a police officer. It's no secret that police behave as modern day slave catchers for black people from keeping tabs on our sexuality to finances to purposely trying to implant us in corrupt situations and so forth and this is only to scratch the surface. Police are predators to black people who know our whereabouts at all times.

This is a call to abolish and defund the police whilst making it safe for black Americans to use the internet. Anyone who uses the internet against the wellbeing of black people should be held accountable.