Demand The N​.​C​.​A​.​A. adopt equitable hiring practices focused on BIPOC & women.

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For far too long Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) and women coaches have been denied their chance to advance their skills, experience, and education to the highest level of leadership in higher education by serving as head coaches and athletic directors throughout this country. 

The N.C.A.A. inspires student athletes to reach to the highest levels, to overcome any obstacle, to train to be the best they can be, in their respective sports, and work to become champions on the field. They deserve to have coaches and athletic directors that look like them and inspire them.

Off The field though the NCAA has failed to implement or create real equitable  policies, possibilities, and opportunities for BIPOC and women to rise to the highest level of leadership and become head coaches and athletic directors. They have dedicated their life to their sport, helped bring honor, pride, integrity, and in many cases earned millions of dollars for these universities.

We demand The National Collegiate Athletic Association immediately create policy for all schools to implement hiring practices modeled after Oregon House Bill 3118, known as the “Oregon Rooney Rule.” HB 3118 requires "the interviewing of at least one qualified candidate of color when hiring for head coaches, athletic directors and assistant head coaches for all sports". Furthermore 2/3 of the finalists for hiring coaches in women’s sports must be female candidates (Judith Sweet Rule).

Endorsed by:
Dr. Richard Lapchick,
Chair of DeVos Sport Business Management Program & Director Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Dr. Merritt Norvell,
Executive Director at National Association For Coaching Equity and Development.

Floyd Keith
Chief executive officer at PPA Professional Services
Former Executive Director at Black Coaches & Administrators
30 Year Colligate Coach

Van Malone
Assistant Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Cornerbacks Kansas State University.

Eric S Jackson
Coach & Recruitment Coordinator Lewis & Clark College Portland Oregon.

Nigel Burton
Former Division 1 head coach Pac 12 Network analyst.