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Demand the CDC and Federal Opioid Taskforce to help with funding the Opiate Epidemic!

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We, the public, are demanding Nationwide State of Emergency be called to address the Opiate Epidemic. According to the Ethical Goals of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response of the CDC, public health emergency exists when a situation arises whose health consequences have the potential to overwhelm routine community capabilities to address them. That is certainly the current situation our country is facing with the Opiate Epidemic! The smaller communities are being hit the hardest with more addicts and less resources, overflowing jails and rehabs with weeks to months wait times. 

 What we need RIGHT NOW is funding for more facilities, detox centers, staffing and improvements to current facilities such as longer inpatient treatment, more qualified staffing and more safety measures. Programs are needed in jails to rehabilitate addicts during incarceration and after release. More funding is needed for harm reduction until people are ready for help due to the nature of the disease of addiction such as needle exchanges and Narcan. Early intervention assistance is desperately needed or these death tolls will only continue to rise at the rate they are every year.

While it is appreciated that the CDC is acknowledging the Opiate Epidemic for what it is, tracking data, and advising physicians to stop throwing opiates at people like skittles, we, as a nation, need much more financial assistance with the fighting this crisis that is reaching epic proportions from every possible source.

We CANNOT lose one more son or daughter, mother or father, family or friend to this disease! We, the scared, angry, devastated citizens, are FED UP and need resources NOW!


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