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Make a strong national statement against the killing of feral cats

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A prominent member of the National Audubon Society, who is also editor of their magazine, has published an editorial in an Orlando newspaper advocating the killing of feral cats by poisoning them with Tylenol. This individual was subsequently suspended from his editorial position, largely as a result of a protest organized by Alley Cat Allies. The Audubon Society has not, however, disavowed this criminal practice. I urge you to demand that the National Audubon Society make a strong and unambiguous statement against the killing of feral cats. Those of us who love and understand cats know that they are intelligent and sensitive beings, who have the same right to life and happiness that humans do. It is the nature of cats, and a crucial component of their physical and mental health, to hunt birds. This is how they evolved. Yet contrary to recently publicized flawed science sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, there is no proof that cats are responsible for declines in bird populations. Feral cats are no more an “invasive species” than humans are - in fact, they expanded around the globe together with us. The only threat to wildlife, including but not limited to birds, is human overpopulation. The Audubon Society’s efforts should be focused on the real culprit behind the decline of bird populations: us.

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