Stop the Social Media Bill! You can no longer take our rights from us

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There is a bill that has passed the second reading in the Senate. This bills aim is to curb our use of social media with the reasoning that the Senate wants to curb the spreading of false information when in reality they want to limit our freedom of speech and our right to criticise them. They are representatives of Nigerians and have no right to do anything contrary to our wish because this is a democracy and they are to exercise our wishes. This is not our wish!

We are being policed on the streets for what we wear, how we look, the hair we have on, the phones we carry, the cars we drive and so much more. They cannot police us again on social media, we must not have it!

They have seen that social media has become a great tool in fighting their abuse of power, the human rights violations before us and so much more and they want to curtail that. They want to keep us silent.

We must not allow it! We are no longer allowing them to get away with anything, this included. We will demand this change by all means!

Sign and Share, there is a voice in loud numbers! let us bring noise to this and so much more going on. We have a right to feel safe on our streets, in our homes, when using our phones, whatever it is we decide to do!