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Petitioning Mont-Royal Arcand, Pierre and 4 others

The National Assembly of Quebec / Assemblée nationale du Québec: Declare Walter Leja a Hero / Déclarer Walter Leja un héros


Many people have not heard of this man, we want to introduce you to him today. His name is Walter "Rocky" Leja.

He was a Canadian military hero who dismantled two separatist bombs hidden in a mailbox at the corner of Lansdowne and Westmount Avenue in 1963.

A third bomb cost Leja most of his left arm. His face and chest were crushed. He suffered brain damage, lost the ability to speak and became paralyzed on his right side.

He received the George Medal in January 1964 for conspicuous courage and outstanding devotion to duty. Leja was born in Poland and became a Canadian.

This man embodies everything we believe in. He was Canadian, a Quebecer and gave up EVERYTHING for us. He lived the rest of his life disabled.

We believe true heros are those that sacrificed for others anglo, allo or francophone and not those that committed acts of terror.

LET US HONOR Walter (Rocky) Leja (1921–1992) A TRUE HERO
TO the Quebec National Assembly DECLARE THIS MAN A HERO!!

Letter to
Mont-Royal Arcand, Pierre
Outremont Bachand, Raymond
D'Arcy-McGee Bergman, Lawrence S.
and 2 others
Châteauguay Moreau, Pierre
Saint-Laurent Fournier, Jean-Marc
Declare Walter Leja a Hero / Déclarer Walter Leja un héros