Passage of the Right To Food Bill into Law in Nigeria by the National Assembly

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The motive behind the Bill is not to ask government to produce food for everybody, rather to hold government accountable for its policies that perennially fail to meet the food entitlements of the people.This means that the Bill is a matter of obligations of government as policy authorities in the food economy - obligation to respect the Right, obligation to protect the Right and obligation to fulfill the right.

Food is the bedrock of life itself. The Right to Food is a natural right. Indeed it is more natural than any other right guaranteed by the constitution, so it is more than a mere human need as casually mentioned in the constitution but also a fundamental human right desired to be listed. It must be guaranteed as something undeniable, inalienable, actionable, justiciable and ultimately remediable by constitutional law.

The Bill seeks to prioritize food on the policy agenda, in order to make the people feel dignified, gratified and sanctified that life in Nigeria is worth living; so they are able to demand food of all kinds in quantity and quality desired, thereby increasing and sustaining the market for farmers to produce more and to sell their food products at all times.

I want to appeal to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion or age to support the passage of this bill which is presently before the National Assembly.

In the long term, the Bill when passed will provide the driving force behind the policy efforts towards the food security of Nigeria; as practiced by other countries that are food secure, and in line with global mandate of the United Nations given to FAO for adoption and implementation by member states.

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