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Stop Abusing Animals

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The public display of objectified nonhuman animals without their consent is similar to their exploitation by factory farms. In both situations, animals are used without their consent. If nonhuman animals are truly equal to humans, then their consent is important, otherwise displaying their lifeless bodies amounts to selfish objectification and  promotion of necrophilia and rape culture. Consent is essential to the feminist movement, to autonomous embodiment, and it is disappointing to see so many women participating in a ritual sacrifice using nonhuman animals without their consent and appropriating their victimization as part of human deification. The exploitation and use of nonhuman animals by purported vegans without consent sends the message that consent is never required, which legitimizes and reinforces the exploitation of nonhuman animals. These animals did not die so they can be objectified and exploited. Vegans would not want their rotting bodies displayed in a public spectacle, and it is not equal to treat nonhuman animals in this way without their consent. And if their consent cannot be obtained, then they should not be used.

For more analysis of this issue, see Opposing Objectification in Animal Advocacy, by moses seenarine,

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