The Nation calls for Theresa May to debate Jeremy Corbyn one on one, on live television

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This is a democracy, Theresa May needs to work for our votes as every Prime Minister before her has had to do, she will not be handed the office again, as she expects. Up till this point Theresa May has managed to avoid even validating talks of a one on one debate with Jeremy Corbyn, despite the thunderous calls of the nation- both conservative voters or otherwise, to engage. Theresa May has to PROVE to us why she is a STRONG and STABLE leader and why she is the only one that can fathomably negotiate the Brexit deal, as she claims. If she refuses to, not only would it be LAUGHABLY UNDEMOCRATIC, it would also be unacceptably hypocritical, given the barrage of abuse she and her campaign has hurled at Jeremy Corbyn for his alleged "lack of leadership skills". Her refusal to engage in a one on one debate is is perhaps suggestive of a short fall on her part and would be a DISGRACE TO THE TRADITION OF POLITICAL ORATORY in this country. It is surely indicative of the fact that she expects the office of Prime Minister to be handed to her again- but that is not how democracy works, Mrs May. If Theresa May is in fact capable of leading our country, if her manifesto is in fact representative of the needs of the British people, why does she feel that the British public doesn't deserve clarity on the 8th June? We would like to see a strong and stable leader, not just be told of one. 


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