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Stop participating in Workfare

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Mustard Tree, please Boycott Workfare now!

The Mustard Tree is a charity that works with homeless and disadvantaged people in Greater Manchester. Whilst the Mustard Tree does great work in these communities it is unfortunately a provider of the government's workfare scheme. This scheme forces unemployed people to work for their benefits in both private businesses and charities. This scheme has led to companies making redundancies to profit from free labour and is creating a culture where volunteering is becoming no longer voluntary. Those that fail to comply with the workfare rules face harsh sanctions which put unemployed people into greater financial hardship. These sanctions lead to even more misery for unemployed people, in extreme cases this has led to homelessness and suicides. For more information on workfare please go here.

We recognise that it might appear to people that we are unfairly targeting a charity that does good work. We are very keen to stress that it is not about attacking the charity but rather urging them to end there support for the scheme. We view the efforts by government to get charities and community projects involved in the scheme as a cynical means of making the workfare look more acceptable, furthermore as a way of plugging the gaps left by cuts to funding.

It is ironic that the Mustard Tree, a charity that does so much for the homeless and disadvantaged, is involved in such a harsh programme which targets the very people it seeks to help. We the undersigned are asking for the Mustard Tree to boycott workfare and commit to keeping volunteering voluntary. We want you to stop supporting and benefitting from a government scheme which is working to undermine the rights of workers and punish the unemployed. We believe that volunteering should remain voluntary and that charities in Greater Manchester have an important role to play in making this happen.

If the Mustard Tree do not change their policy our next picket will take place outside of Mustard Tree offices and shops on the 21st of March at 12PM.

Greater Manchester Boycott Workfare

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