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Re-instate Dr. Crumbs as Principal of Columbus High School

Dr. Marvin Crumbs, a man who has done so much for the Muscogee County School District and Columbus High School, was re-assigned to the Department of Academics. He has been a great leader & principal of Columbus High AND THE STUDENTS AGREE. An attempt to "lighten-up the mood" at a staff meeting caused him to be re-assigned. He did not intend to offend anyone, and his competence & ability for running Columbus High School is incomparable. It is pertinent that he be re-instated as Principal of Columbus High School, for the sake of the students and the school.

This is the news story for his re-assignment:

Whether you feel that the video he showed was offensive or not, it does not mean he should be re-assigned from his duty as principal of Columbus High School! He showed the video to ADULT teachers and in no way intended to offend ANYONE. It will be a great loss to Columbus High School & it's students if his re-assignment stays in place.

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