Stop Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue from completely banning dogs on Boardwalk.

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The village council is about to vote on a complete ban on the presence of dogs on our beautiful boardwalk along the canal. At present, dogs are banned from noon until nine in the evening. This is accepted by all the dog walkers I have met. We believe that a complete ban is overkill because there are not that many people present outside the hours of the present ban. We also believe that if some people violate the present regulations there are sufficient numbers of security personnel available  to patrol the area and issue citations. The mayor informed one of our number that no citation has ever been issued under the present bylaw.

The Mayor was recently interviewed and it seems that she bases her motion on what appears in most Canadian cities after the Spring snowmelt. I believe that it is inappropriate to base legislation to govern our gorgeous summers on such a brief contretemps. My dog brings a smile to the faces of nearly everyone I meet and if body language indicates indifference or discomfort I am perfectly able to negotiate space for all of us.