The Mumbai Metro is needed, but let's Go Underground! Develop Mumbai for the long term!

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Let's not spend crores on another white elephant project #gounderground

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The Metro is a ONCE in the LIFETIME of a city project. We won't have multiple chances to get this right, so let's make our voices heard and demand a safe, equitable and long-term Metro for Mumbai.

We are sharing with you an article on the failed Monorail - a project conceived of and executed by the MMRDA at a cost of appx Rs3000 CRORE. After many mishaps and a nine month period where it shut down, it is now barely running and ridership is negligible.

The irony is that the same MMRDA officials are still making decisions for our city, in even more senior posts than before.

These are the same officials who have envisioned THREE above ground lines at DN Nagar in Andheri - one on top of the other, with the top most one at a height of 8-9 stories. Forget a fire or an accident and consider a much more possible scenario where the lifts going up and down to these three lines and their platforms, FAIL. What will happen to the senior citizens and people with disabilities? What about children with their heavy school bags? Will they be forced to climb up and down EIGHT flights of stairs? Is the fire brigade prepared with equipment for a rescue operation?

Your support in spreading this petition to your friends and family ALL over Mumbai is absolutely vital. 

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Go Underground Mumbai
2 years ago