Petition Closed
Petitioning Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant and 4 others

The MS State Legislature and all Elected State Officials: Endorse sensible gun safety regulation

Governor Phil Bryant recently called on the MS State Legislature to "deem illegal" any executive orders on new gun regulation passed by the White House. The safety of our children and the security of our schools, cities and country call out for a reasonable response from Mississippians.

Letter to
Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant
Speaker of the House Philip Gunn
Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann
and 2 others
Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves
Attorney General Jim Hood
Respecting the common rights of all citizens and the dignity of all persons, we, the undersigned residents of The State of Mississippi, do hereby petition our local city, county and state officials to speak out in favor of sensible gun safety regulation, including but not limited to the twenty-three executive orders proposed by Mr. Obama’s administration. We urge you, our state representatives, to break with Governor Bryant’s ill-advised and impractical attempts to block any new federal gun regulation at the state level, and to stand up and call for the passage of common sense legal measures such as universal background checks on all gun buyers and a ban on high-capacity assault weapons, which serve no socially useful purpose.
While respecting the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms for personal security and the freedom to bear arms for hunting and sport, we also recognize that the limited, useful and proper role of government is to protect society’s most vulnerable members through the making and enforcing of social law. We hereby declare that, in light of our nation’s tragic and unique history of gun-related violence, to refuse to use the socially sanctioned mechanisms of federal and state law to further reduce irresponsible gun use and ownership is to turn a blind eye to such violence, to its victims and its perpetrators, and to your appointed function as responsible legal authorities. We recognize that recent legislation passed by the State Legislature (including Bills HB485 and HB2) does nothing to increase, and may well further undermine, the law’s protective function, and we demand from you a more adequate response.