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The petitioners aware of all good reasons forwarded by the Refugee Protection Division of the IRB AND Fedaral court still believe we have recourse to petition the Minister of Immigration according to the section 112(1.1).

We Africans, joined by several Churches on compassionate and humanitarian grounds do hereby plead with the minister of immigration Canada to give urgent and favourable considerations and stop deportation orders of the above in view of;

Kudakwashe Priscilla Munangati having already come out and be able to talk to many in the Disapora without a doubt puts her at risk of interrogation which has seen many dying after one year or so of violent squad encounter during interrogations. We fear for her safety should she be deported as she has been outspoken critic of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.
The psychological trauma Kudakwashe will go by just being interrogated with brutal techniques considering she is already very depressed and currently getting some mental health support from the Edmonton Menonite centre for newcomers,
Deteriorating human rights abuses and raping done to persons who have not provoked the government witnessed in the past 6months and who often times are found sleeping in their homes, specifically women or baby girls.
The continued release of soldiers into the public without any control or accountability on their areas of responsibility resulting in numerous Zimbabweans youths collected in huge numbers for s-called trial.
The clandestine and covert operations of central Intelligence organization (CIO) persons of the Zimbabwe government with authority to capture and detain for unspecified periods and sometimes having the victim disappear for ever is increasing in Zimbabwe.
We are concerned that sending Kudakwashe to Zimbabwe is extremely unwise decision given the Zimbabwe government on the mysterious disappearances of youth. We are prepared to witness on the ugly and untoward treatment people of Zimbabwe have endured in Zimbabwe have endured.
Here in Edmonton Kudakwashe Priscilla Munangati has distinguished herself for voluntary work in the community. She is a well respected volunteer at Empowerment Centre Church and many other local church groups.
We are in shock and disbelief that any Canada government would even consider deporting anybody to Zimbabwe considering the current socio-economic crisis and human rights violations witnessed by the whole World in the past 8months.We ask for no asylum seekers to be deported to Zimbabwe.
In spite of the uncertainties around her personal situation, the horrific experiences and physical abuse Kudakwashe Priscilla Munangati has tried to get the necessary mental support ,directed her energy and considerable business acumen from her professional background in corporate enterprise towards helping others.
In 2016 the young woman went through some horrific experiences and has been physically abused by the Zimbabwean authorities, following certain allegations that she had seen certain sensitive information. She was tortured inorder to force a confession as regards what information had been accessed.

Please sign this petition and call on the Citizenship and imigration Canada to keep Kudakwashe Priscilla Munangati safe from deportation and give her a fresh start and a chance to flourish in a free environment. As the government is giving the indigenous women a voice to feel comfortable and more confidence to speak out, May they also consider other African women crying out for help.