[ "JOINT-CUSTODY OF MY DAUGHTER: Tiffany-Aylin: Țurcanu-Moisl." ]

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[ "my name is: Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. I am a 31-year-old-man living in Romania. I am originally from Austria. In 2016 i got married with a romanian-woman by the making of a marriage-contract. In the meantime she got pregnant and gave birth to our daughter. I donot know, where they are as a matter-of-fact. She, the mother claims, that she changed her mobile-phone-number and doesnot reply to emails, that i sent, since the ~7-~April-~2018. 

I have a live-life-claim (see the picture) with the footprint of my kid and fingernail-pieces (DNA). Yet noone (police) is willing to help, except a handful of friends. I got in contact with lawyers, who besides asking for money, were non-collaborative when it comes to a constructive-manner. The Court is closed during the Summer-holidays.

I donot have participation on the birthcertificate and am completely excluded from the raising of the kid.

Even though i have evidence of my fatherhood, there is no help in order for the reaching of the best-interest of the kid: joint-custody. Please help me by the signing or autograph of this petition." ]