Require your support for better Mahadevapura

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Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections are just a few days away, and it’s time for residents in Bengaluru to register themselves in the electoral rolls. In Mahadevapura Constituency that is home to many migrant population in the Information Technology and other sectors, there are various issues which have been existing since quite sometime and hasn’t changed even after years of raising voices and false promises. Mahadevapura has been facing water scarcity issues, women security issues, potholes on roads – basic infrastructural issues since years now. It doesn’t matter who ever is the candidate and whatever political background he/she represents but we as common citizens of Mahadevapura want to know the details on the developmental works undertaken by the sitting MLA, Mr. Aravind Limbavali. Also, we want to understand if the Chief Minister, Mr. Siddaramaiah has been biased towards our region as it is being represented by a non-Congress MLA. A recent report in Economic Times states that Rs. 8.43 crores were spent on Infrastructural developmental works in Mahadevapura, but we don’t see any change on the ground. Why people are facing traffic issues even if it is said that the roads have been widened? Why issues like Belandur Lake are still burning causing environmental pollution? Why our sisters and daughters fear leaving the house after 8pm?? Why according to BBMP report, waste segregation is at a record low in Mahadevapura constituency? Certain issues are a state subject and certain are local subject and we as responsible citizens of Mahadevapura understand. So therefore, I am not questioning the sitting BJP candidate alone, I am also asking the Govt of Karnataka to be answerable. Request the both to be answerable and accountable to us. If you want our votes, show us the results. Prove us the that the Nava Karnataka also considers the Nava Mahadevapura!
It’s time we take some action against the erring politicians and BBMP and demonstrate show of strength to these politicians.
Please show your support by signing this petition. With enough support, we can involve media and even organize peaceful protests if required. After all, it is us who are suffering everyday of our life.
What do we plan to do with this?
1. Send it to Mr. Aravind Limbavali, MLA of Mahadevapura
2. Send it to BBMP commissioner and area ward in charge
3. Send it to CM office
4. Send it to media including newspapers and local TV channels.
5. Choose whom to vote after knowing it. (If both do not deserve, we can at least vote for an independent candidate who really wants to bring about a change)
But to get any attention, we need numbers in the order of thousands and lakhs. Sincere request to all of you to circulate amongst your friends, colleagues, mailing lists, groups, Facebook friends and generate support. The target is to generate close to 1.50 lakhs petition support through this.
Remember: If not now, then when? If not us, then who?