Remove Judge Calvin Holden From His Judicial Seat

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We the undersigned call on The Missouri General Assembly, The Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline, and The 31st Judicial Court to petition the removal of Judge Calvin Holden of the Greene County, Missouri 31st Judicial Circuit from his Judicial position.

Judge Calvin Holden has a well-known reputation for giving lenient sentences to those convicted of sexual crimes, with over half of his rulings of such cases in the last 5 years not involving prison time. He has a habit of giving the light sentence of nothing more than 5 years probation, such as in the case of Joseph Meili (convicted of child molestation and statutory rape after raping an 11-year-old girl and giving her chlamydia), Beau Gormley (second rape conviction in two years, while still on probation for first rape conviction), and Ronnie White (convicted of three counts of sexual assault in the first degree against one of his 14-year-old students). This is beyond unacceptable. Sexual assault, especially against a child, is not something to take lightly. When judges allow these people to remain on the street, they are putting other potential victims at risk, and do not deter others from committing such crimes. We the undersigned believe that this is willful and persistent failure to perform judicial duties. Please help correct this injustice by removing Judge Holden from his position.