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The Mississippi Sierra Club Says: NOT NOW, NOT EVER! DUMP THE NUCLEAR DUMP

Let's make our voices heard loudly and clearly.

Tell Governor Bryant that we don't want to be the nation's septic tank for nuclear waste.

Join Congressman Steve Palazzo and Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley in saying "No Nuclear Waste in Mississippi. Not Now, Not Ever!"

As the Clarion Ledger columnist Geoff Pender recently wrote (August 31, 2013):
"Note to Mississippi politicians: back away from the nuclear waste proposal. It could end your career. It is, pardon the pun, radioactive. There are few absolutes in politics, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say the vast majority of Mississippians — Republicans, Democrats, tea partyers, independents, Whigs, Tories — don’t want the state to get in the business of storing the country’s nuclear waste... They didn’t want it 30 years ago, and they won’t want it in 10 years."

And as the Sun Herald wrote in an editorial (August 27,2013):"...We hear talk of shredding public policy put in place because, after much debate decades ago, Mississippians decided they did not want to be ground zero for the nuclear waste industry. We hear talk of yet again promoting Mississippi as some backwater so desperate that it will grab anything -- even if it glows in the dark -- to make a dollar. It is the same kind of talk from the same kind of people who want to put oil and gas rigs on the horizon and oil pipelines through pristine watersheds. Because they always see the bottom line above everything else...Yet even if it were, Mississippi's response to this "opportunity" should still be: Not now. Not ever."

And as the Cottonmouth blog recently wrote (August 24, 2013): "Mississippi has seen its fair share of energy production disasters. Recent oil and natural gas spills in the Gulf of Mexico have severely damaged ecosystems, crippled industry, and diminished tourism - all of which impact our quality of life and weaken our state's finances. God forbid another major hurricane devastate the Coast. A super storm and nuclear waste? What could go wrong?"

Tell Governor Bryant Not Now, Not Ever! Tell Governor Bryant To Dump the Nuclear Dump!

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