Removal of Miss Malaysia Universe 2017 title from RACIST SAMANTHA KATIE JAMES

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There are no words to express the urgency to remove Samantha Katie James Miss Universe Malaysia from her title and crown. With that large platform, the blatant heartless comments toward the Black Lives Matter movement should not and will not be tolerated. Actions speak louder than words. Samantha must be held accountable.

Her explanation shows you who she is and what she thinks, do not be gaslighted by the "other world issues" talk, THAT IS WHAT PRIVILEGE IS.  She talks about systematic privilege whilst systematically using her platform and privilege to tell African Americans to RELAX! And to call the rest of humanity that are joining the fight as “busy bodies” and jumping the bandwagon of trendings. Malaysia as a nation have a responsibility. We should want better. NOW. We SHOULD do better. NOW. When the first two murders happened, we asked why isn't somebody doing something? WE ARE that SOMEBODY! And this is one of the somethings you can do. HOLD RACISTS AND WHITE PRIVILEGE ACCOUNTABLE. She does not deserve to represent Malaysians for she does not have the compassion, wisdom and HEART for it!

If you are a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, friend, heck a HUMAN BEING! - the MURDER OF GEORGE FLOYD SHOULD AFFECT YOU..for he was a son to a mother and father, for he was a brother and cousin, for he was a father and loved✊✊�✊�✊�✊�✊� WE WILL NOT RELAX!