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To Have Specialised Juries and Judges for Child Sex Abuse Court Trials!

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If you CARE about children, please sign and share my petition to bring some real change to our court system here in the UK.

Child abuse is something that has strongly affected me on a personal level, and too many people around me, and having witnessed a child sex abuse trial first hand, it is a subject that is very close to my heart.  The official statistics of child sex abuse is overwhelming, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, yet there is still SO much ignorance around the whole subject.

Time and again I read stupid comments by people who have no idea just what ordeal people have to go through even to get their abuse case to court (historic or present).  eg ... 'why did they leave it so long?'  'they're only in it for the money!'  'but he's such a lovely man!'.

You CANNOT just go to the police with a false claim and go to court!

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) decide which cases are likely to end in a conviction before they allow them to get that far!  (Not the police).

In recent high profile cases it has become very obvious once again that the majority of people have absolute zero knowledge of how child abusers work, manipulate and groom, not just their victims, but the families and friends around them too.

Juries are made up of people who generally are blissfully unaware of how paedophiles operate, and the lifetime damage caused to their victims, and those around them.

This is why I am calling for your support in my petition to have specialised juries and judges for child sexual abuse court cases.  Trained people who know and understand all the stereotypical behaviours and patterns of paedophiles. Experts who are aware of the reality of child abuse and how victims deal with the trauma, so they can make a more informed decision on the evidence presented to them.

Please, if you care about children and justice, sign and share .... Let's make a real difference!

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