Stop the Vaping flavour ban on E-Cigarettes in New Zealand

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In September 2019, six unfortunate and irresponsible people died from vaping synthetic THC mixed with vitamin-e oil which caused a media frenzy, the blame and the cause for these deaths were not the people who chose to vape illegal and harmful substances but rather an unjustified, non-researched blame was carried out on e-cigarettes, e-flavours and the vaping industry.

The facts:

1) There has been little to no evidence that vaping PG and VG based nicotine e-liquid has caused any deaths so far. 

2) There is also no evidence that the various flavours offered by vape companies attracts more young people to vape over smoking cigarettes. There is also no evidence that the actual flavour caused the above 6 deaths America, rather the vitamin-e oil used to mix the THC was the main cause of death for these individuals. 

3) More 5000 people alone died last year from smoking tobacco and tailor made cigarettes in New Zealand. Young people aged 18+ are choosing vaping nicotine as it’s a safer alternative to cigarette smoke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smoking kills an average of 5 million people globally, yet there has been no indication of a ban from any government from around the world on tobacco and cigarettes. 

4) Choosing vaping as an alternative is the proven way of giving up smoking tobacco, hence less deaths and better health for Kiwis across the board. 

5) People who give up smoking hate the taste of tobacco and hence prefer a flavour that does not resemble tobacco after 3 months of vaping. Vaping on a non-menthol and none tobacco flavour helps keep most vapers away from cigarettes and is a proven long term solution to stay away from cigarettes. 

6) A flavour ban will not stop the abuse of e-cigarette devices being used to vape illegal substances, neither will it stop young people under the age of 18 trying vaping as a vice, much like alcohol and cigarettes they are going to try it one way or the other. 

7) Banning flavours will not stop the import nor the purchase of e-liquids online and in store by those under 18 years of age. Young people will always get friends and family over 18 years of age to purchase their vices for them, be it cigarettes or alcohol and e-liquid. 

We urge our government to reconsider making any drastic decisions on banning flavours, packaging and vaping altogether and we urge all vapers to band together to stop the demonization of vaping by the irresponsible media organizations in our country. 

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