We demand that JAPAN abolish the male permission requirement for abortion care!

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We had a press conference in Tokyo!

Dear supporters, 

I'm Kazane from the petition to abolish spousal authorization for abortion care in Japan.

I attended an international conference with my fellow activist, Riza who had an abortion in Japan. 

A lot of women and men shared their experiences about abortion and the male permission requirement for the procedure. 

We should always remember there are women who were forced to give birth against their will only because they "failed" to get permission from men who impregnated them, and they could have had different lives if they were born in another country where women are treated with dignity. And some of them told me they had been raising their children while suffering from mental illnesses caused by domestic violence. 

According to a male Twitter user, when he was a student, his female classmate committed suicide after she couldn't get permission for her abortion from her ex-boyfriend.  
Another user told me her sister couldn't get an epidural for labor since the hospital required husband authorization for the anesthesia. 
Several female users told me that their hospitals required a male guardian to be present during their abortion care and refused to provide the care without male presence. 

In Japan, men decide what women can/cannot do. And women are treated as wives or daughters not individuals. 
Japan has been warned that they should abolish the male permission requirement for abortion by both international and domestic organizations, but Japan has ignored their warnings for decades in order to preserve women's bodies as male property. 

I would like international supporters to know how women are treated behind "cool Japan" 

Here's the link of our interview. Check it out and share! 


The guardian also wrote an article dedicated to us! 


I appreciate your continuous support. Thank you for signing for women in the country you have not been to or not familiar with. Thank you for supporting women you have never met. That means a lot to me.

Kazane :)

Kajiya Kazane
3 weeks ago