Help stop the brutality to our wildlife!

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It was with a profound sense of sorrow and grief that I read the story of the latest wild animal to fall victim to the pathetic excuse of man-animal conflict. A majestic elephant – a gentle and human-friendly wild animal that often strolled through hamlets and villages in Bokkapuram and Mavanalla (under the Masinagudi Range and the Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve), was set upon by humans – systematically and brutally.

He was an easygoing pachyderm, a lumbering, gentle giant with a very trusting nature. But that did not stop some people from cruelly setting his back on fire. A gaping wound behind one ear was another indication of the savagery that this hapless animal endured. Check out this link for the video of how this elephant sustained the burn injuries - but be warned that the video is both shocking and heart-wrenching: 

Days went by and there was no succour – not even from the guardians of the forest – our much vaunted Forest Department. When help finally came, it was too little and too late. This gentle giant succumbed to his injuries on 19th January this year.

I appeal to you to please sign this petition calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances around the injuries and death of this elephant and demand that the guilty are brought to book and punished as per the law of our land. For too long we have not taken any action. For too long we have ‘swiped left’. Take a stand. Ask for justice for this elephant and for stricter investigation and punishment according to law for all those who hurt, maim or kill our wildlife. Our voiceless wildlife needs your voice. Please, sign this petition.