Help stop the brutality to our wildlife!

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It's beginning to make a difference!

Thanks to the support that you have given to this petition, and the pressure built on the authorities to take action, the very initial steps to apprehend the perpetrators of the barbarity meted out to this elephant have been taken. Two arrests have been announced! While this is definitely a step in the right direction, there is still a very long way to go. A thorough, fair and impartial investigation needs to be conducted, the findings published and the guilty brought to book.

Justice needs to be done and justice needs to be seen to be done!

But the even more important, far-reaching and future proof solution for the safety of our wildlife that we need to ensure - is for stricter laws to be passed and enforced. These new laws will need to be made known to all people living in the vicinity of the man-animal conflict zones and the surrounding sensitive areas as well. The forest department needs to be adequately staffed, trained and equipped to tackle this menace at the ground level. This will require adequate budgetary provisions to be made by the Government without which things will slowly but surely lapse right back to square one after all of the initial furore has died down.

Our task is not yet done! There is still the very real and present danger of many more of our wild creatures falling prey to callousness and brutality. I urge all of you to step up yet again and share this petition to every single person that you know and implore them to sign on so that we can get this done. This is not beyond us. We can do this together!

Thanks immensely for your continued support!


Edgar Allan
3 months ago