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We request to investigate ASQA Operations

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ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) was established in July 2011 as a Federal Regulatory Body for Vocational Education and Training Industry. Majority of Vocational Education and Training Providers falls under ASQA except those registered by other State Regulatory Bodies.

Since its establishment, ASQA has proven itself as nothing but a symbol of failure, unproductive operation and one of the most unorganised Federal Authority. Firstly, ASQA had failed to maintain the Quality and Integrity of Vocational Education Industry. And, now that ASQA had to face a lot of embarrassment following the recent Media Coverage of its failure, it has decided to adopt unethical and irresponsible actions to paint a picture of being a strict regulatory authority. 

However, what most of us are not aware of is that ASQA is trying to hide its failure by pointing RTOs for their activities. Instead of accepting the failure and bring the solution to resolve the issues, ASQA has chosen to play a blame game and targeting RTOs for its own failure. Being into the industry myself, we see on daily basis how ASQA is no more acting as a Regulatory Body and not doing anything to enhance Industry Reputation. 

It is quiet visible and evident that in past 6-7 years (since ASQA was established), Vocational Education and Training Industry has lost its credibility. Instead of working with RTOs and improve the quality and integrity of the industry, ASQA has chosen to target RTOs and brushing their hands off the issues.

"And Guess what? Who is paying for the BLAME GAME being played by ASQA? You and Me. Every Tax Payer citizen of this country"

In 2017 only, ASQA had made decision to cancel the registration of as many as 70 RTOs and more than 50% of these decisions have either been revoked during the appeal process or are on hold. It seems that instead of investing time and resources to build a robust and productive industry involving all stakeholders, ASQA has decided to rather spend this on legal battles only to paint itself as a Strict Regulatory body. 

On top of it, ASQA is not only responsible for the waste of tax-payer's money by entering into to such activities, but also effecting the lives of individual working in the industry. There is a strange fear in the workforce of this industry where employees are not afraid of losing jobs because of their lack of performance but because of ASQA's lack of performance in its 6-7 years of life. There have been no productive action or initiative taken by ASQA to consult RTOs and bring in a quality framework to enhance the quality of Vocational Education Industry since it came into existence. 

Key things to be investigated in ASQA's operations:

  • What measures ASQA has taken to consult RTOs for the betterment of Industry's reputation?
  • Why ASQA doesn't take responsibility for its failure?
  • How much time, resources and money is being spent on washing up for ASQA and other legal battles (which are eventually being lost)?
  • Why such a high percentage of decisions revoked are not being investigated?
  • ASQA should be answerable to tax-payers for the funds being spent to clear its picture instead of the betterment of our Industry.
  • RTOs being cancelled effects thousands of students, employees and their families. Why ASQA did not take preventive measures to avoid such situations? 
  • Why Minister of Vocational Education and Training seems to be quiet even after seeing so many students and employees being effected.
  • What should be the priority for a Regulatory Authority? Is it to maintain and enhance the Industry or to kill it?

We want a full investigation on ASQA's operations. We also want that the Minister present her view on the above questions. 


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