Save Fish Farming in Ghana

Save Fish Farming in Ghana

November 2, 2019
Petition to
The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD), Ghana
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Why this petition matters

We the undersigned submit this Petition to the Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD). The Petition is presented by the Ghana Aquaculture Stakeholders Group and requests that the Ministry takes immediate action to help the Aquaculture Sector recover from an unprecedented crisis. This has been caused by the emergence of diseases that are devastating tilapia farms on Lake Volta and damaging associated industries. The problem is linked to viruses introduced from South East Asia and illegal imports of fish into Ghana.

The petition is requesting

●       That Fisheries Enforcement is fully implemented so it covers

o   Inland Capture fisheries

o   Inland Aquaculture

o   the ban on the importation of all tilapia (live fish and food) into Ghana

●       That the Fisheries Enforcement Unit is reorganized and adequately resourced to maximize its effectiveness, enabling it to fully carry out its mandate.

●       That a programme of fish vaccination is undertaken, at subsidized rates, to enable farmers to rebuild their businesses and recover from the crisis.

●       That vaccination teams are deployed to assist farmers and ensure effective management of the vaccination process.

●       That the Government monitors activity and enforces appropriate penalties to prevent other diseases being brought into the country.

The Petitioners request that the Ministry work with the stakeholders to strengthen the Aquaculture Association in Ghana and also encourage a ‘peer monitoring’ (reporting) system to complement the formal efforts of the Ministry and Regulatory Bodies. We also plead that through the inter-ministerial process the Ministry works with the Attorney General to prosecute all persons, whether from the private sector or public service, found guilty of breaking the laws.

The Petitioners conclude that for The Aquaculture Industry to thrive in Ghana, high standards need to apply to all, with activity limited to approved and accredited genetic strains of fish. Significant penalties should apply to any individual or firm found breaking these rules, which should be backed by law. The Ghana Aquaculture Stakeholders Association emphasizes the need for action to safeguard the industry and trust in the Government to enforce new standards.

The Petition is supported with feedback from a survey completed in October 2019 of fish farms and associated industries.

Signed Ghana Aquaculture Stakeholders

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Signatures: 1,345Next Goal: 1,500
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