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Regular BPay instalments on your vehicle registration

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We have the ability to make regular bpay instalments on our everyday bills like house rates, water rates, phone account, electricity, gas, internet, credit cards etc the list just goes on and on. Even SPER allows bpay. What bugs me is that we have no ability to make regular BPay instalments via internet banking for our car registration. I would like to see some changes to the way car registration can be paid by allowing the TMR system to accept  regular BPay instalments before the rego is due. By having the ability to make regular payments via internet banking families would be able to better budget their income and not have to find a large sum of money for car registration payment. 

There would most likely be less auto cancel of registrations if people had the ability to BPay regular instalments prior to the rego being due. Families will be in a much better position to pay the balance that is due by the due date.

BPay accounts could be set up using the CRN of the individual and the instalments could be automatically credited to the rego bill.  Credits could be shown on the bill and the final balance figure and due date displayed. 

Come on  Queensland Transport let’s get with the times and make it happen. With all the IT geniuses that you have on your books surely this is a simple task request. 

Being able to make regular BPay instalments via internet banking will take a lot of pressure off families.... isn’t that what the Government is meant to do. 

LIfe is too busy to be standing in a queue at the Transport department, or the post office to make payments. Let us BPay regular instalments via internet banking. 

Thanks for reading and please sign my petition. I hope I can help you. 

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