To stop genetic engineering of food crops in my country

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 May 20th 2019-- Islamabad, Pakistan: A recent statement from a Pakistani government official sad that,  ''Approval of genetically-engineered maize is currently being considered in Pakistan. It would offer farmers a tool to increase their production and reduce use of agricultural chemicals,” he claimed. Would it really? Or would it result , instead, in the final destruction of our own indigenous varieties of organic and natural seeds for maize and other crops, in due course? 

Monsanto, a controversial USA company that is infamous for leading GM crops, is also reputed to be coming to Pakistan and this is a matter for real concern for all Pakistanis. What cost 'food security'? And will utilising Monsanto's seeds bring more food security or less, if eventually we lose other varieties of crops ? This is a serious crisis in our history and for our people, the millions of hungry people whose very survival is now threatened. 

Please, wherever you are help us in Pakistan to save our local and indigenous crops and send Monsanto back to where they came from. Please help us by signing this petition to our Minister of Food Security and Agriculture to seek local/indigenous solutions to our food and agriculture problems and refuse the US so called 'help' , which is likely to be a threat rather than a boon. Thank you.